The Meme Coin Universe Is Out Of Balance.

The meme coin universe is out of balance …
A correction is coming.

We are entering the endgame, when all 6 meme stones are collected, we will destroy half of our total supply. They will be burned and never seen again.

Each stone will be available at 6 different geographical locations around the world. By utilising Augmented reality we will kick start a global treasure hunt to find all 6 stones. The race to gather all 6 stones first, will he between our heroes and villains. Our holders will he asked to choose a side and announce their decision on social media. The importance of their decision will be revealed during the treasure hunt.

Endgame Token

Shortly after our launch we will begin our Global Treasure hunt, a race between the heroes and villains of the Alt Coin universe to locate the 6 Alt Stones. Taking Augmented Reality to an innovative, new, direction we will unleash a viral coin campaign never seen before in this space. Rewards galore, in the form of airdrops, physical prizes and NFT experiences are on offer for the entire community.

Endgame token is a hyper deflationary charity token coming to both the BSC and ETH networks. With every transaction tokens are set aside for our charitable partners as well as redistributed to our community of holders. With every transaction not only is total supply burned, but a tax on each transaction redistributes a small percentage back to our
community of holders.


We believe we are all big kids at heart and all have our heroes we look up to in
one capacity or another or we may be the heroes to others who look up to us.

With this coin we want to become the ultimate charity coin, prioritising on children’s
charitable causes. We want to be the heroes for these children just as the avengers were in the end game. We want to partner with children’s charities, hospitals and causes around the world and have already agreed some ground
breaking partnerships we will look to announce in the coming days.

Our dream is to become the no.1 charity coin in the blockchain universe while innovating, exciting and integrating along the way.



1 Billion Coins

50% to be burned randomly


10% Tax on transactions


3% Charity


3% Burn


3% Redistribution


1% Liquidity

Use cases/Features

We will be launching our industry first and revolutionary browser extension plugin that will operate in unison with our corporate marketing partners. What makes our plug-in special is, our holders wallet addresses will be linked to their browser via secure encryption. By visiting and sending traffic to the sites of our commercial partners, they will receive airdropped tokens and also do their part in donating funds to charity. We believe the passive income holder can earn through using our browser plug-in brings practical use to our token.
Our Augmented Reality technology will continue to be used beyond our viral treasure hunt campaign and will provide another revenue stream for holders to earn coins daily and also drive our price up.


We have successfully agreed our first partnership of 4 currently being negotiated. This partnership will see us exclusively partner with a leading children’s charity, globally recognised, as their sole cryptocurrency partner. They will create their first decentralized wallet and receive crypto donations solely in the form our $END tokens. We will also regularly donate to their cause and all transactions will be viewable via the blockchain. This groundbreaking partnership will soon be announced via their social media platforms and a full press roll out will be done.

Launching on Wednesday 30th June